Hi, I’m Lieke and I was born and raised in a country that is known for having the tallest inhabitants of the world; the Netherlands. Since my dad is about 6’8”, chances were big that I would be tall as well. My growth has been monitored over the years in order to see if there was a possibility to change something if I’d turn out to be extremely tall. I never wanted to be taller than 6’1”, but doctors estimated that I’d be at least 6’4”: an estimate that led me to decide to take hormones in order to achieve my ideal length. Unfortunately I couldn’t really handle the pills, so I decided to give up on the hormone treatment. A friend of mine told me that there was also a knee surgery designed to halt excessive growth in teenagers, so I took a look into that.Eventually I underwent the knee surgery, but it never really seemed to have helped a lot. Right now, I am 6’3”; only a couple of inches away from the original estimates but many more from my ideal length.However, none of it really bothers me anymore. The only problems I have with my length are related to finding clothes that actually fit. And, of course, I am often the tallest around; in classes, in stores, and sometimes even in public places. After a while, this doesn’t even feel weird anymore and it also has its upsides. I mean, everyone is usually able to find me and no one will see past me. Nevertheless, I do have to admit that if I had to decide again whether I want to have knee surgery or not, I’d probably decide not to undergo it. The surgery left its marks physically and even slightly cosmetically. But, more importantly, I am rather happy with my length right now and believe no one should care about a couple of inches more.