In 2009 Sarah had an operation, to stop the osteogenesis in her knee joint. Doctors have predicted her to become 6’3″ . Since the sugary Sarah has grown two more inches.

“After the operation it took a few months before I could bend my knees again. It was quite painful but now everything is working again. A lot of people are happy with their size; unfortunately I’m not one of them. I hate to be considered as “strong” just because of my height. I don’t like that I always get to do the stupid work just because no one else can reach stuff. If someone asks me how tall I am I simply respond “tall”. Of cause there is also a bright side to it, for example at a concert. I can always see everything. There are only a few things you need an armchair to reach out for and people always remember you, which isn’t always that good.

The film “Tall Girls” has shown me, that there are people out there, who are much taller than me, actually humans (in general)are getting taller, so what?”